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Please read the following terms and conditions before you register with freejobposting.co.uk

  1. You agree to our terms and conditions by using or registering with freejobposting.co.uk.
  2. “FreeJobPosting.co.uk” is a trading name of “Pioneer HR and Training Consultancy Limited”, incorporated in England (company No: 08741379) and the registration address is 158 Canterbury Road Leyton, London, England, E10 6EH.
  3. Pioneer HR and Training Consultancy Limited is a registered data controller and Our ICO registration No is: ZA147444
  4. “We” means FreeJobPosting.co.uk and “You” means person, company, organization, firm and agency. “Our”, “us” and “your” should be construed accordingly.
  5. We currently offer unlimited free job postings but we might make changes to this offer any time in future and may vary this offer from time to time. The changes would apply to new postings.
  6. Featured listings appear at the top of job search results above all other job listings. The latest published featured job appears at no. 1 position. So, if there are more than one featured jobs in job search results, the latest published featured job would appear at the no. 1 position in job search results.
  7. Please do not post jobs based outside UK. We will remove any jobs based outside UK without prior notice.
  8. We do not allow duplicate listings. Any duplicate listings will be removed without any prior notice. If you have a job role with same job specifications available across multiple locations, only post one job listing with multiple locations mentioned in the location field separating each location with a coma. We will not publish duplicate listings.
  9. Job postings will be displayed for 90 days or until the closing date set by you and automatically deleted after 90 days or after the closing date whichever comes first. It is your responsibility to keep a copy of your Job advert and data. You can relist the job if you want. Job alerts will be deleted after 190 days. We might make changes to these specifications from time to time.
  10. Your personal information, resume and CV can only be viewed by others when you apply for a job or by employers who have a paid package to search and view resumes.
  11. By applying for a job on this website, you allow us to give access and transfer your personal information (such as name, email, CV, resume) to the employer or whoever has posted that job.
  12. We will process all the information you submit including registration forms, application forms, CV, resume and any other information in accordance with the UK data protection legislation.
  13. Employers or anyone who posts jobs and receives applications and have access to search and view resumes on this website must also process candidate data in accordance with the UK data protection legislation.
  14. This website should always be used for lawful purposes. You must not try to change, delete and access information that you don’t have permission to do so.
  15. Please do not post adult and gambling related jobs.
  16. You accept complete responsibility for the content you submit to this website. It is also your responsibility that the information you provide is completely true, accurate and not misleading in any way. You must also ensure that the information you provide is not offensive, abusive, obscene, defamatory, discriminatory and against copyright law and any other Law in any jurisdiction. It is also your responsibility to check that the documents you submit to the website are free of viruses and other harmful software or codes.
  17. We cannot verify accuracy and authenticity of any information posted on this website by third parties including employers, job seekers and other advertisers. We also do not accept any liability in this regard.
  18. We try our best to provide you a smooth web experience and continuous service. But we don’t accept any liability for any downtime, delay, interruptions, omissions and errors, loss of data and any other losses resulting from downtime, delay, interruptions, omissions, and errors, loss of data and ongoing operation of this website.
  19. We also don’t accept any liability for loss of business, investment, or any other direct or indirect losses resulting from your use of this website.
  20. You indemnify us from any kind of losses, claims, and expenses, liabilities, proceedings, direct or indirect, resulting from your use, misuse or unfair use of our website.
  21. Please don’t put any kind of link to your or someone else’s  website, or social network account on this website. It will be removed if you do so. You can put your email address and contact number.
  22. The use of this website and any business done through this website is governed by the laws of England. Any disputes arising from the use of this website will be settled by the courts of Law in England.
  23. If any of our terms and conditions is ruled to be invalid by a court of Law in England or any other competent jurisdiction, the other terms and conditions would still be applicable.
  24. If you choose to use one or more of our other services such as recruitment services, a separate set of terms and conditions would also apply which we would provide you in a written contract.
  25. You must post a job on this website and buy our “Recruitment Support package” before we can start carrying out recruitment support activities covered by “Recruitment Support Package”. Our role will be limited to activities explicitly mentioned in “Recruitment Support Package”. The final assessment of the candidates and decision to hire a candidate will be made by you. We do not act as a recruitment agency in providing this service.
  26. “Recruitment Support Package” , on our part, involves activities ranging from posting your job ad to other job boards, receiving and shortlisting applications, conducting telephonic interviews, to selecting at least three best candidates to be sent to you so you can make final assessment to select the right candidate. You can request more candidates should you require it to find a suitable candidate.
  27. A separate set of terms and conditions will also apply if you require a bespoke recruitment support service or package to suit your business needs. These terms and conditions will be provided in a written contract.
  28. You must not use any of the content on our website for commercial and business uses.
  29. For your security, you must choose your username and password to register and sign in on the website. It is your responsibility that you choose a stronger password and keep your details safe and don’t let anyone know about your details. You must inform us immediately, if you think that your password might have been stolen or known to any other person. We don’t accept any liability for the disclosure and misuse of any password.
  30. It is our complete discretion that we may terminate your registration at any time without any prior notification and explanation.
  31. We might also change website features, specifications and functions without prior notice and any time we want.

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