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The vision of the church is to win men and women to the Lord


Mission and Vision of Watchmen Fellowship Centre:

The vision of the church is to win men and women to the Lord that do not yet know the Lord Jesus Christ as their Lord. We are passionate and willing to do this through church meetings, outdoor events, and outreaches. And we would provide those who accept Jesus Christ as their Lord with adequate training in prayer and the word of God until they are established and grow to a consummate man in Christ Jesus; not swayed by every wind of doctrine but established in the truth, better equipped to teach others also. It is our desire to return the house of God to a place of prayer for all nations.

We have a call to bring men and women into intimacy with God through Jesus Christ.

Essential Criteria:

The applicant must be born-again. Born-again in the Christian faith is an experience with Jesus Christ that leads to a verbal and public confession of your faith in Jesus Christ as your Lord; you must have a relationship of the new birth with Jesus Christ with detailed explanation of your experience.

To give spiritual leadership to a thriving church congregation in Belfast.
To preach at two Sunday services, bible studies, organize prayer meetings and outreach events and prepare church accounts.
The Pastor will also be responsible for managing the ministers within the church and offering them the necessary spiritual trainings.
He/She will also be responsible to provide spiritual development and guidance for the church.
Desired work experience:

A 5 years working experience within a Pentecostal church leadership and under a Pastoral authority is very essential.
He/She should have worked in varying capacities and departments in the church and have a vast experience of working with people of all ages.

A degree in theology or biblical studies is desired but not essential. However, he/she must be possess a degree in any field of learning.
They should be vast in their knowledge of the Bible-the word of God.
They should have read the bible through at least two times.
They should have a good knowledge of the old and new testament sections of the bible.

They should have good communication and team work skills.
They should exude good confidence and character.
They should be able to work under pressure and show great patience.
Good at delivering the word of God.
They should exhibit a burning passion to lead and win souls to Christ Jesus.
They should be courageous and have a good spiritual depth.
They should have a healthy family life and be intelligent
They should be willing to win souls everyday and inspire the church to do the same
Ability to use a computer and Microsoft office packages such as Microsoft word, excel and power point is an added advantage.

Salary: 16,000 per annum

Short-listing and Interview

Successful candidates will be notified and interviewed after the 22th of January 2019 by email.