How do I find a Dream Job

If you are searching for a dream job but you are suffering from fickleness and not able to think what to do. Here are few steps that will guide you to the right track.

  1. Set a goal

Take a start by assessing what you’re looking for and why you want to do and what type of work? Figure out what you do enjoy and what will be a good fit with your interests, experience, and personality. Clarify your goals and get energized for the next step that you have to do.

  1. Increase networking

Once you decide exactly what you want, you’ll have the motivation and confidence you need to plow ahead. Avail and take advantage of opportunities to meet as many people as you can both in your field and out. Look at any social opportunity as a chance to enlarge your network. Introduce yourself to the right people like former professors, past employers, and people of the company you want to work for.

  1. Create an impressive profile

Take care to create an impressive profile. Write a short summary that tells the employer about your skills and lets them know what specific qualifications you can bring to the job. Keep it brief and professional. Describe your most important skills.

  1. Check job boards

On most of the job boards, you can register to receive emails alerting you to new postings that meet your criteria, such as location or keyword.

  1. Stay positive and focused

Use your lower energy time to research companies, organize and update your application materials, and prepare for interviews. Then, take advantage of the times when you’re most alert to network and make follow-up calls when you have energy, you’ll feel more confident and have a positive attitude in your all interactions. This will put you on the right track to unveiling your perfect career path.

  1. Write a cover letter

Introduce yourself and show that your skills and experience match the requirements for the job.

Encourage the reader to read your resume.

Keep it short and simple.


  1. Get ready for an interview

If you get asked for an interview, take time to prepare.

  • Dress professionally
  • Be confident
  • Arrive on time
  • Make eye contact and speak confidently
  • Try to be genuine in your answers; employers do not want rehearsed answers. Being yourself and honest is the way to go about it and land the job of your dreams.